Anupama Written Update

In the Anupama Written Update, Sara reveals her immaturity and wonders why she’s always pointing out Anupama’s maika mistake. Meanwhile, Ankush wonders. why Sara has to point out Anupama’s mistake, because it will only bring them closer. While Sara is asking why Anuj and Anupama aren’t closer, the background song of Tu Meri Zindagi Hai is playing.

Anupama’s confidence

Anupama is not embarrassed by the comments of people. She asks herself why she should be ashamed when love is as beautiful as Radha and Krishna. Then she says that she’s tired of the sacrifices that she has to make to please others. If she can be with herself and not worry about what people think, she will not mind what others think. However, she finds it difficult to believe that people would actually think that way.

Her responsibility to control a poor house

Anupama’s responsibility to control the poor house is to give her sister-in-law Kinjal a baby shower, and the Shahs think that she is just replacing Anuj. Leela, however, believes that Anupama has replaced Anuj and will do whatever it takes to ruin her baby shower. When she wakes up at 4 a.m., she has no energy to get up and do anything because she has to prepare for Kinjal’s shower.

Her responsibility to stand up for her right

As Anupama’s divorce claim nears its final date, she’s confronted a difficult choice. Despite the difficulties she faced, she stepped forward to stand up for her rights, despite the hostility and fear she faced from her husband and family. As a result, a large part of mainstream Kerala society has come out in support of Anupama.

Her nightmare

In the episode “Anupama’s Dream”, Anupama wakes up from a nightmare that sees her missing her flight. After she wakes up from the dream, she asks Anuj to wait for her. When she falls out of bed, she discovers that she had dreamt of missing her flight. While this nightmare is scary, it also serves as an omen of a fresh start.

Her relationship with Vanraj

In this episode, Anupama’s relationship with Van Raj is put into question. Vanraj has been trying to use Malvika to his own advantage. When Anupama tries to talk to her, he starts taunting her, telling her that he knows about her relationship with Anuj. Anupama is confused as to how to respond to this. But she eventually convinces her to break the ties with her brother.

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