How To Choose The Best Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife?

Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives is one of the most important and widely used tools in cooking. It doesn’t matter what formula you come up with, the best results and quality of food are essential for our safety. So when using any knife in cooking, we should pay attention to the knife that we use.

Below we will give you some tips. Learn how to choose the right kitchen knife and buy the best kitchen knife yourself with the advice of Roca Ganiviteria Cutlery.

Tips for choosing a knife when cooking

True, in terms of kitchen knives. We can find many types of knives. However, two basic types of knives should be in every kitchen, professional or not, and they are:

Damascus Chef’s knives

Also called chives, are used to cut and chop all kinds of meat, fruits, and vegetables.

Damascus Paring knife or lace. 

That way, you can peel, cut, and cut into small pieces. More accurate

Damascus Ham knife: 

These knives have a very specific shape. It is about 23 cm long, narrow and thin, which is also flexible. This makes it easier to cut the pork with the leg.

Damascus Bone Knives: 

As the name suggests, these knives are used to separate meat from bones. These knives are small and sharp. It has a thin, curved 15 cm blade that works with high accuracy.

Damascus Bread knives: 

These are long, serrated blade knives. This prevents the bread from breaking when we cut it, and you rarely press it to use it.

Damascus Cheese knife: 

There is a hole in the blade. It is used to prevent pieces of cheese from sticking to a knife. In addition, we can search for them by one or two points. Used to present cheese healthily in a bite.

Damascus Fishing Knife: 

A sharp knife with which you can finely chop fish. In this category, we find Damascus-made Santoko knives.

Tips for buying standard Damascus kitchen knives

When buying a standard knife, we need to look at the material from which each part of the knife is made. Thus, we can get:

  • Knife with wooden handle. The wood is very comfortable in the hand. They often have a coating to protect the material from debris or unsafe surfaces that could damage your hands.
  • A knife with a rubber handle is usually of very good quality. They have a soft touch which is an advantage when we have to use them for a long time. When choosing this content we must make sure that the content is not insecure. In this way, the spread of bacteria in these holes is prevented.
  • The weight of the knife is balanced with the metal handle. Even if your hands are wet, we run the risk of slipping using them.
  • Micarta is a knife with a handle, a sheet of resin, cloth, or paper, which is exposed to high temperature and pressure. This makes the material resistant to shock, abrasion, and moisture.
  • Your plastic handle knife is the cheapest, though not the lightest and most comfortable to use. Especially since we’ve been working with them for some time.
  • Knife with poly-oxymethylene handle. It is a very durable material. Durable and high quality though because of its black handle it looks like a plastic knife. But that’s not the problem.

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