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Esports betting is really popular right now. Although this (relatively) new kind of betting took little to catch on, it has become very popular in recent years. Due to its rapid expansion, it is predicted that the global esports betting market will be valued at close to $30 billion by 2020.

Another good point is that you can make real money on eSports betting in Canada; if you want to know more about esport betting, kindly read.

What are esports and esports betting anyway?

First, let’s define what esports are and what esports betting is. The easiest way to answer this question is to say that esports is any competitive video game between individuals or teams. This is different from regular video games because players don’t compete against the computer or other people.

Esports come in many forms and have become very popular in the last ten years, with huge tournaments featuring top teams and players in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans and millions of people watching live streams.

Forms of esport betting

There are different forms of esport events you can bet on to win real money; they include:

Sports simulator

People enjoy placing wagers on esports teams and individuals in some of the best sports simulators available today. If you’ve ever put a wager on a football game, it should be no surprise that betting on an esport like FIFA shouldn’t be too difficult.

For instance, since the FIFA eWorld Cup first appeared on the scene, many betting sites have emerged, intending to make betting on this esport championship as popular as betting on the real-life version of the competition.

You can still make some decent money by betting on this incredible virtual sports arena if you consult the esports betting guide compiled by our industry specialists. NBA 2K and Rocket League, a chaotic combination of motorized football and soccer, are two more popular esports titles that fall under this genre.

Miscellaneous games

From the card game Hearthstone to the battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, there is always a new esport to wager on. Whether you want to wager on something There is There is something for everyone, whether they are straightforward like Street Fighter V or go big with a wager on a strategy game like StarCraft II. There is something for everyone.

Even collectible card games like Hearthstone are big in the world of esports, so there should be plenty of ways for you to make a winning bet. You have a lot of games to choose from, from the most popular and well-known ones to the smaller, more specialized ones like H1Z1, which is free to play.


Some of the largest sporting events in terms of attendance, viewership, and prize money are held in the esports industry. Additionally, a top-notch esports betting site will provide in-depth coverage of all the major competitions and let you wager on regional e-leagues and lesser competitions.

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