What are the top five PR categories in Canada?

Every year, Canada welcomes the most immigrants. Many professionals choose Canada as their preferred place to settle and work. Annually, about 200,000 people are allowed to become permanent residents in Canada.

You will have the option to start a new life in Canada after the application process for permanent residency is done. After being granted permission to enter the country as a permanent resident, the applicant will receive a permanent resident card and will have the same benefits as Canadian citizens.

Although Canada offers over 60 visa programs, the top five visa types for individuals to apply for are listed below.

  • Family Class

Canadian permanent residents can sponsor a relative, spouse, or family member to become a permanent residents of Canada under the Family Class Visa. If the candidate has any close relatives who are permanent residents of this country, they may be able to help you obtain permanent residency.

This visa is highly beneficial to those who have already traveled to Canada to study, work, and become permanent residents of Canada.  Many young people who have migrated to Canada can also sponsor their grandparents to come live with them in the country.

  • Skilled Worker Class

Candidates can register to become permanent residents of Canada under the skilled worker class. Language ability, academic level, job experience, planned career, age, and flexibility are all factors considered while evaluating candidates. 

Candidates must obtain the required amount of eligibility points to be considered for this program. Every feature is scored independently, and the total score determines whether the candidate is qualified for permanent residency. Canada CRS calculator

  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Various Canadian provinces encourage skilled immigrants to come to their territory, reside, work, and settle. If a territory has a certain province in mind where they want to immigrate and settle, this method allows them to nominate people for placement in their immigration and settlement choices. 

They can apply for a permanent visa for Canadian immigration three years after receiving the nomination. A few provinces are very accessible. These provinces provide good job opportunities for a variety of qualified immigrants. 

  • Quebec-Selected Immigration

The province of Quebec has an agreement with the federal government of Canada to choose immigrants who best meet its immigration needs. Any candidate aiming to reside in this province must go through a different assessment process, which includes the following types:

  • Business Class Immigration

Business owners, investors, and self-employed individuals are the three categories of people who fall under this group.

  1. Entrepreneurs must have prior business expertise, such as owning and operating a company or owning a portion or percentage of a company.
  2. Investors must show that they have prior business experience.
  3. Self-employed people must have the desire, experience, and ability to start a business that will employ both themselves and others.

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