What do You need to Know About Yaser Malik Wiki, Biography?

Yaser Malik is the father of pop singer and former One Direction superstar Zane Malik. He was born on September 10, 1969. Yasser is from London, England, USA. As of 2022, Yasser Malik is 52 years old. See below for more details on Yasser Malik. This post highlights Yasser Malik Wiki, biography, age, birthday, family details, girlfriend, and more.

Yasser Malik Girlfriend or Wife Details:

He is a British Pakistani married to Trisha Branan Malik, a British woman. He married his wife, who converted to Islam after their marriage. However, Yasser is lucky to have a wife like Trisha, who converted to Islam to understand his religion and culture. He also taught his children the importance of going to the mosque. Moreover, the couple has four children in total. Their names are Zane Malik, Donia Malik, Waliha Malik, and Safaa Malik.

Family Details of Yasser Malik:

Doniya, her daughter, is a beauty blogger and makeup artist. Waliha, his other daughter, is a model. The two sisters have started their own company Waliyha Beauty. Yasser shares photos of his children in front of Waliyha Beauty on April 15, 2017. Moreover, he expresses his pride in his daughters. Safaa, his youngest daughter, married his lover. Safaa and her husband have a daughter named Zaneia. After only four months of marriage, they gave birth to their first child.

Early Life Details of Yaser Malik:

Yasser Malik is going to be 51 years old in January 2022. It makes his zodiac sign Virgo. This celebrity was born in Lahore, Pakistan. However, he later moved to England, where he met and married the love of his life, Trisha Malik.

Career Details of Yaser Malik:

Yasser is the proud father of former One Direction boy band member Zayn Malik. Yasser has worked with Indian actor Dilip Kumar, one of the most prominent Bollywood artists. His son Zane came into the limelight when he appeared on the singing show The X Factor (UK) in 2010. Moreover, Zane left as a solo artist but later returned to a competition where a boy band was formed. Thus was born the famous boy band One Direction.

In March 2015, Malik left One Direction and eventually signed with RCA Records to record solo. Zane’s song from his solo album Mind of Mine, known as “Flower,” was influenced by Yaser. In addition, Dilip went to Mumbai to become a Bollywood icon, and Yasser moved to England and fathered the most significant pop singer of all time. Unlike his father, Zane first found success after competing with The X Factor (UK) in 2010. His son Zane was recently dating Victoria’s Secret model Gigi Hadid.

Relationship Details of Yaser And Zayn:

Father and son are close. Yasser has posted many photos of his only son on his Instagram account. On Zane’s 26th birthday last year, Yasser posted photos with him. Moreover, in the photos on social media, the father and son look alike. Both have the same eyes.

Yaser Malik’s Daughters:

On April 15, 2017, Yasser posted a photo of his daughter in front of Waliyha Beauty. He mentioned that he was very proud of his girls. His youngest daughter Safaa married her boyfriend. Safaa and her husband are the parents of a girl named Zaneya. They welcomed their baby into this world after only four months of marriage. According to Waliyha, Yaser is out more often, unlike Trisha. Moreover, he doesn’t like the press and tries not to be the center of attention.

Net Worth of Yasser Malik:

Yasser Malik Wiki is one of the wealthiest stars on Instagram and is on the list of the most popular stars on Instagram. Yasser Malik did not give any details about his career; Therefore, his wealth and occupation remain a mystery. He and his family also lead a luxurious lifestyle. However, Yasser has an estimated net worth of $600,000 by 2022. If you are interested to know more about Yasser Malik, you can visit different websites like Past News.

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