5 tips to craft an unforgettable date

date are meant for three things, to get to know someone, to impress, and to make memories. Whether you’re looking to keep your long-term relationship exciting, going on a date with someone new. or celebrating an anniversary, finding romantic and fun things to do together as a couple can be tricky.

We can assure you, ballooning is the ultimate PERFECT DATE and ticks all of the boxes. Here is how to craft your ultimate date

1. Be inspired – create that “WOW” factor by booking something neither of you has experienced before, one that they’ll be talking about for years to come.

Experiencing something so breathtaking and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. (so to say) is guaranteed to get them pumped for future dates and a wild way to get to know someone.

2. Choose unique

choose a flight location in a different area to where you live – explore the area as a tourist in your own state.

If you live in Melbourne, book a night away in Yarra Valley (1hr from CBD) or Mansfield (2.5hrs from CBD).

We’ve been locked down enough due to covid so go a little crazy with the cool and quirky experiences that Victoria has to offer – there is plenty on offer!

3. Make it special – would you tell them about it prior or surprise them on the morning? How would you present the gift?

A cute idea is a gold box with a balloon that floats out when opened. The voucher is connect to the bottom of the string for your loved one to open with surprise.

4. Get active

high arousal activities build a stronger connection between you and your date. Ballooning is interactive so we appreciate any help to pack it down. get your hands stuck into the fun and your heart racing. You’ll be busting to get to breakfast to celebrate with a glass of sparkling.

Enjoy Best hot air balloon Vilnius flight in Vilnius that will help you make the experience special. Here are some more ways to take it to the next level:

5. Make it unforgettable

why only book a ballooning experience…go all out and explore the city/region for more than just the morning. You can play a vital role in supporting businesses after a tough 2 years. We’ve got packages and can also recommend where to go whilst in the area – just ask our team!
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – either book a flight on the 14th of February OR buy a gift voucher so you can lock in a suitable PERFECT DATE within the next 12mths! 

Meet friends and family at the landing site and celebrate with a champagne toast.
Show your friends or family a “marry me” banner.
Have your friends or family stopped the sign “Will you marry me?” at the exact location during the flight.
Don’t forget to ask us about the video on which the drone is shooting your special moment.
If you have any other ideas that will take your involvement to the next level, please let us know. We are excited that this is the first of many adventures you will undertake as a couple

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