Everything You Should Know About the Processing Time of the Canadian Family Class Sponsorship

Are you planning to relocate and start a new life in Canada with your family? Canada is a nation that allows you to start afresh by offering a range of Canadian immigration with family programs.

Those sponsorship programs allow you to bring your family to Canada and offer them permanent residence. 

What is a family sponsorship?

The family sponsorship program is one of those popular courses of the Canada Immigration with family Program that helps the permanent residents of Canada to usher in their spouses and immediate family members to Canada. This program also helps reduce the processing time and ensures you reunite with your family. 

Types of family members who can come to Canada under the Sponsorship

– Common-law partner or conjugal partner and spouses

Canada allows you to bring your spouse, conjugal partner, or common-law partner who has been living with a valid temporary visa or living abroad in Canada.

A spousal open work permit allows the individual to work inside Canada. At the same time, their sponsorship application takes the required processing time. You are qualified to apply for a spousal sponsorship even if you are not legally married to your partner and staying in a live-in relationship for more than one year.

– Parents and grandparents

Canada allows its citizens and permanent residents reunite with their parents and grandparent via the parent and grandparent sponsorship program. To be eligible for the sponsorship program for the parent and grandparent, the permanent resident must establish that they meet the requirements for Minimum Necessary Income (MNI) and can financially support the extended family unit.

Individuals who cannot financially support their parent or grandparent are eligible to apply for Super Visa, a multiple-entry, extended Visa meant for the parents and grandparents of the permanent residents or the Canadian Citizens. 

– Child or the other dependent

When immigrating to Canada, you are allowed to include your children on your permanent residence application as accompanying dependents. At the time of immigration, if you cannot bring your children along with you, you can bring them later. In addition, Canada’s Child Sponsorship Program allows its permanent residents and citizens to sponsor parents Canada their adopted or biological children under twenty-two for permanent citizenship. The children have to be unmarried and should have no children. If the child is over 22 years of age and suffering from any physical or mental condition, they can be considered a dependent and needs special assistance.

Nephew, niece, brother, sister, or grandchild without parents

In some exceptional cases, a Canadian citizen or a Permanent resident can apply for the sponsorship of their parentless nephew, niece, brother, sister, or grandchildren for their permanent residence. The sponsored candidate must be unmarried, under eighteen, and linked by blood or adoption.

Lonely Canadian

Under particular circumstances, a permanent resident or a Canadian Citizen is allowed to sponsor an extended family member or a relative. In that case, the sponsor should come under the category of a Lonely Canadian. A Lonely Canadian is a sponsor sans parent, spouse, common-law partner or live-in partner, grandparent, or children.

The eligibility criteria to sponsor a family member

  • The sponsor must be a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident
  • Has to be at least eighteen years of age
  • The sponsor should be able to support the family members financially for at least three years.
  • He/she must live in Canada. 

For sponsoring a family member in Quebec, the permanent resident must apply to the MIFI to get the mandate for sponsoring their family member. 

When can’t a person sponsor a relative?

Sometimes, the permanent resident or the citizen is not qualified to sponsor parents Canada a relative.

  •  the sponsor is in prison
  • The sponsor has been declared bankrupt
  • Did not pay the child support payments or alimony
  • In case the individual has not paid the immigration loan or missed any installments.
  • If the individual has a previous record of a vicious crime, sexual offense, or has done a crime against a relative or family member.
  • Has a record of previously sponsoring a relative but did not meet the terms of the sponsorship contract.

Total processing time for the family sponsorship

It takes around 12 months to complete the Sponsorship Application process. 

  • Spouse, conjugal partner, common-law partner, and dependent child- 1 year
  • Parents and grandparents- 2 years
  • Humanitarian and compassionate cases- 31 months

The Visa officer may ask for additional proof of the nature of your relationship when your case is complicated. You may experience a delay in your application process in that case.

Put your best efforts into getting the sponsorship application for Canada immigration with family done correctly and adequately at the time of your first attempt. In cases of missing or incomplete documents, your application approval may get delayed.

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