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How to raise a happy child

There are so many things and habits that affect the wellbeing of your child. And while parents are aware of the more salient phenomenon like good diet, exercise, sleep, etc., but a core concept that eludes many is that of happiness.

Many parents forget to teach their children the importance of happiness. And admittedly, in some cases, the circumstances can be to blame, but unless you consciously inculcate happy thinking in your child, chances are they will become jaded.

Moreover, unlike what many adults think, children can also have mental health issues like depression and anxiety. These then also have impact on the physical health, causing issues that require assistance from a Child Specialist in Karachi. Hence, it is vital that parents take steps to raise happy children.

Tips to raise happy children

Be happy yourself

To impart something to your child, you need to follow it yourself; you know what they say, you have to lead by example. Therefore, you also need to curb your negative side. Work on being happy; money is good, but not worth it if it is destroying your health.

Stop preaching them perfection

Perfection is a very problematic concept. It leads to unhappiness, discontentment, procrastination, and anxiety. So, to ensure that your child stays positive and happy, do not make them chase perfection. Reward the effort and not the result.

Tell them to look at the bright side

Your perspective dictates your perception. You can choose to look at the bad side of things, the things that are lacking, or celebrate the good. The latter has a great impact on your mood. It makes you happier, reduces stress and decreases anxiety.

Hence, try to always impart the wisdom of being positive and looking at the bright side. For example, if your child got a B, instead of crying about not getting an A, tell them to celebrate the B.

Help them be empathetic

Empathy is an important trait to have. It allows you to connect better with others, be considerate of them and to also be grateful for your state. All these then help to make one a happier and a better person.

Give them support

It is easier to be happy instead of worried when children know they can count on you. Even adults can fare better when they have good social support.

Of course, it does not mean that you let your child off scot-free every time they do something wrong, but do not respond so harshly that they feel scared of your reaction.

Introduce habits that encourage a better mood

If you are just absorbing the bad and stressful stuff without any outlet, chances are your mental and physical health is being harmed in the process. If you let these out by doing activities for the sole purpose of pleasure and happiness, these then help in letting out the repressed feelings.

So, to help your children be happy, and teach them the importance of prioritizing your happiness, inculcate in them the significance of hobbies and play.

Encourage them to draw, garden, play sports, take rides, read stories, simply for the end goal of destressing and improving their mood.

Try to limit screen time

Research has established a link between watching television and being unhappy; people who are unhappy tend to watch more television. So, to encourage healthy habits and happiness from the get-go, limit screen time in your children.

Introduce them to habits and activities otherwise like reading, playing with toys, board games, building things like Legos, etc.

Take them to the doctor

Children might not have the big problems that adults face, but one should not trivialize their pain either. If you think your child is facing some mental health issues, you can consult the Child Specialist in Rawalpindi for referral to a mental health expert. Or if they themselves have relayed about feeling sad, depressed, and anxious, get them evaluated.

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