Is Polished Concrete London Slippery?

Polished concrete London is no more slippery than other tough floor surfaces. Upload water to it; like some other hard floor, it will be slippery. That is why we advise outdoor use using either the Honed end (matte handiest) or the Grind and Seal finish (matte or gloss). The Honed end has inherent non-slip homes, and the Grind & Seal end can have an anti-slip agent brought to the sealer. They can tailor the anti-slip for your desires, meaning that they can add a lot or a touch depending on the result you require.

High Sturdiness.

High-performance polished concrete flooring is extraordinarily strong and resilient and can face the stress from heavy foot site visitors and devices. Its miles are very tough to harm and are nearly impossible to chip or scratch.


A well hooked up, sealed, and maintained polished concrete floor can be predict to last one hundred years or more in even the cruelest business environments. Its existence span may surpass that of different floor coverings, carpeting, vinyl tile, and wooden laminates. That means you may store cash in the long run. You’ll in no way want to take away and update worn or damaged flooring.

Easy to maintain.

Polished concrete London flooring is tremendously smooth to maintain, and you should take just a dirt mop or broom sweep daily to save dust accumulation. Additionally, it would be best if you damped mop it weekly to do away with smudging, scuffs, watermarks, and repair gloss. Relying on your polished concrete London floor finish, you may have extra maintenance necessities.


Relying on the level of complexity, polished concrete flooring can cost as little as a square foot or as much as a rectangular foot. Most installations are quite price-effective. If you have an existing concrete slab geared up for staining, polishing, or software for a decorative coating or overlay. The charge financial savings doesn’t continually come at installation, but over its lifetime because the handiest motive you’ll replace its miles in case you get tired of the appearance, particularly in case you think upkeep costs.

Many Layout Options.

Today, there is an endless variety of coloration and texture consequences that might simulate the look of dozens of various pricier materials. You can additionally upload decorative engraving and stenciled pictures to the surface.


Nicely finished and sealed concrete may be proof against fluids, mainly water. Coatings can offer water-resistant barriers that seal the concrete and prevent contaminants from simply getting to the concrete, and some coatings also can offer anti-microbial protection. And excessive-quality concrete flooring shouldn’t have cracks or crevices inside the surface, which can lure meals and dirt and harbor microorganisms.


Any concrete floor may be slippery, mainly in moist environments or areas at risk of spills. But, it can also be sealed with a non-slip epoxy coating to add texture and prevent falls and injuries.


A non-sealed concrete ground is porous. Even though concrete floors may be sealed with a chemical-resistant epoxy coating to shield them in opposition to extreme chemical substances (alkalis and acids) and corrosion.

Thermal shock-Resistant.

Thermal shock-resistant coatings may be carry out to concrete floors to make sure that disbandment, delamination, cracks, bubbles, and other deterioration does not occur in case your flooring are subjected to very hot water or steam washes.

Static Dissipative.

An unsealed concrete floor often reveals antistatic tendencies. Even though they are established upon the ground’s moisture degrees, making it unreliable. Antistatic coatings may be implemented on concrete floors to ensure static discharge doesn’t harm the static-sensitive system.

What is the difference between automatically polishing concrete?

Mechanically polished concrete London is for interior design most effective. It’s miles the natural shape of polished concrete as it’s miles the concrete itself. This is polished and buffed until it shines. There may be no topical coating to put on over the years. Consequently, this floor will remain for you for many years; additionally, it automatically polished floors. The concrete is hardened and dandified to up to ten times its herbal electricity. So it’s far less likely to crack.

The concrete is likewise grouted, a procedure that fills inside the small pin holes and cracks on the floor. So the surface is smooth and very delicate. In case you run your hands across the floor, it seems like glass. Then the floor undergoes a series of polishes using resins which make the floor easy, vivid and sleek. Also, you could finish the method after only some polishes so that you come in with a matte end. You could continue to shine up to a very excessive grit for the semi or excessive-gloss finish.

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